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Dear All

Being Librarians we prepared so many book lists for core collection of our library on many subjects..

Generally these are on the subject offered by our parent organisation.

Now I would like to have a well balanced, hand picked collection of books on Library and Information Sc for our college library.

I invite all of you including students, professionals, teachers to help me by providing--

1. a well thought books list/publishers catalog for purchase of LIS books.

2.05 best journals on LIS of your choice.

Please provide the minimum details like Title, Author, Publishers etc.


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Books on Subject: LIBRARY SCIENCE
Title / Author
Aadhunik Pustkalya ke Vividh Ayam  Author: KUMAR,S
Approaches to Modern Librarian ship  Author: SIWATCH,A
B. Lib. Guide ( Hindi )  Author: LAL,C
Basic Information and Referenc Sources (Hindi)  Author: TRIPATHI,SM
Bibliography and Information Sources in Sciences Social Sci and Hum...  Author: TRIPATHI,SM
Books in Print 2007-2008 7 vol. set  Author: BOWKER
C.A. Cutter's 3 Figure Author Table Fully Revised Edition  Author: GPH
Cataloguing Without Tears  Author: READ,JM
Changing Role of Digital Librarian  Author: SINHA,K
Classification & Cataloguing in Digital Libraries  Author: SIDDIQUI,JA
Colon Classificaon new practical manual  Author: SINGH,S
Colon Classification : Practical (Hindi)  Author: TRIPATHI,SM
Colon Classification 6/e  Author: RANGANATHAN,SR
Computer Based Library and In- formation Systems Designing Te  Author: KASHYAP,MM
Computerization in Libraries  Author: SINGH,M
Current Trends and Techniques in Library and Information Sci  Author: SINGH,PK
Current Trends in library and Information Science  Author: BAJPAI,RP
DDC 22 a practical approach  Author: KAUSHIK,SK
Descriptive Questions in Libra and Information Science  Author: TRIPATHI,SM
Digital Libraries  Author: JEEVAN,VKJ
Digital Libraries  Author: NIGAM,BS
Digital Libraries and Information Networks  Author: ALI,A
Digital Libraries from Technology to Culture  Author: ANANDAN,C
Digital Libraries in Knowledge Management  Author: SREEKUMAR,MG
Digital Libraries Tools & Techniques  Author: SINGH,CP
Digital Libraries: Challenges  Author: GANGULY,RC
Documentation & Information Services & Network -2 (Hindi)  Author: TRIPATHI,SM
Documentation & Information Services & Network-1 (Hindi)  Author: TRIPATHI,SM
Documentation and Information Science in Libraries  Author: SINGH,CP
Documentation Genesis & Develo  Author: RANGANATHAN,SR
E-Libraries in Computer Age  Author: SINGH,CP
Evaluation of the Electronic Libraries  Author: SINHA,K
First and Second Paper  Author: LAL,C
Five Laws of Library Science  Author: RANGANATHAN,SR
Granthalaya Soochikaran  Author: SHARMA,CK
Granthalya Evam Suchana Vigyan  Author: SHARMA
Granthalya evem Suchna Vigyan (Vivrnatmak Prashan)  Author: TRIPATHI,SM
Granthalya evem Suchna Vigyan Adhyyanmala -2  Author: LAL,C
Granthalya evem Suchna Vigyan Adhyyanmala -3  Author: LAL,C
Granthalya evem Suchna Vigyan Adhyyanmala -4  Author: LAL,C
Granthalya evem Suchna Vigyan Adhyyanmala -5  Author: LAL,C
Granthalya evem Suchna Vigyan Adhyyanmala -6  Author: LAL,C
Granthalya evem Suchna Vigyan Adhyyanmala -7  Author: LAL,C
Granthalya evem Suchna Vigyan Adhyyanmala -8  Author: LAL,C
Granthliya Vargikaran ke mool Tatava  Author: TRIPATHI
Grnathaliya Evam Samaj  Author: SAINI
Guide for UGC Examination for Library and Information Scienc  Author: SHARMA,A
Gyan Jagat  Author: SHARMA,BK
Hand book of Research Methodol  Author: BORSE,MN
Hand book of Research Methodology  Author: BORSE,MN
Handbook of Staff Development in Libraries  Author: KAPOOR,SK
Impact Modern Techniques in Information Services  Author: GANGULY,RC
Information Preservation and Library Management  Author: CHANDRA,R
Information Search Pattern in Electronic Environment  Author: BAVAKUTTY,M
Introduction to AACR 2  Author: KUMAR,K
Introduction to Cataloging and Classification 10/e  Author: TAYLOR,AG
Introduction to Computers for Library Professionals  Author: SINGH,G
Introduction to Serials Work for Library Technicians  Author: MILLARED,S
Knowledge Management  Author: AL-HAWAMDEH,S
Knowledge Management in the Digital Era  Author: NIGAM,BS
Knowledge Organization , Information Systems & Other Essays  Author: RAGHAVAN,KS
Libraries and Librarianship in India  Author: PATEL,J
Libraries in Digital Environme  Author: SATPATHY,SK
Library Administration  Author: MITTAL,RL
Library Administration Theory and Practice  Author: MITTAL,RL
Library and Information Scienc in Digital Age  Author: RAKESH,LB
Library and information Studies in the Digital age  Author: DEVARAJAN,G
Library and Information Techno  Author: SINGH,PK
Library Automation Design, Principles and practice  Author: HARAVU,LJ
Library Automation in Modern Age  Author: SINGH,CP
Library Book Selection 2/e  Author: RANGANATHAN,SR
Library Classification  Author: SHARMA,CK
Library Classification  Author: SHARMA,CK
Library Classification (Hindi)  Author: KUMAR,S
Library Collection Development and Acquisition System  Author: SINGH,RK
Library Management in Internet Era  Author: SINGH,UN
Library Management Trends and Opportunities  Author: RAINA,RL
Library of Congress Subject Headings Principles and Applic 4/e  Author: CHAN,LM
Library Organisation & Finance Management (Hindi)  Author: KUMAR,S
Library Personalization  Author: JEEVAN,VKJ
Library Services in Electronic Environment  Author: ASHRAF,T
Library Without Walls  Author: SINGH,AP
Management of Library and Information  Author: KAUSHIK,P
Modern Library and Technique (Hindi)  Author: KUMAR,S
Modern Strategies in Library and Information Science  Author: SINGH,CP
Modern UGC NET/SLET Library and Information Scienc  Author: TEAM OF EXPERTS
Modern UGC NET/SLET Library Sc  Author: TEAM OF EXPERTS
Modernisation of Libraries  Author: SATPATHY,SK
Multimedia Information Collection in Digital Librarie  Author: SURAJ,VK
National Informaion System  Author: JOSHI,SC
Net-Studies in Library and Information Science  Author: FARUQI,KK
Objective Questions in library and information Science  Author: TRIPATHI,SM
Online Library Initiatives  Author: YADAV,SK
Organisation of Libraries & In formation Centres 21 Cent  Author: BAVAKUTTY, M
Organisation, Processing and Use of Information in the Digi  Author: JALAJA,V
Paper Four Part-A&B  Author: LAL,C
Paper Third part A &B  Author: LAL,C
Philosophy of Library Classifi  Author: RANGANATHAN,SR
Practical Cataloguing (Hindi)  Author: LAL,C
Practical Cataloguing CCC  Author: LAL,C
Practical Handbook of Dewey Decimal Classification  Author: SHARMA,CK
Preservation of Electronic Information  Author: GANGULY,RC
Public Library Movement kerala  Author: PASLITHIL,A
Pustkalya aur Smaj  Author: VERMA,S
Pustkalya evem Suchna Vigyan  Author: SINGH,PK
Pustkalya evem Suchna Vigyan-2  Author: SHARMA,VK
Pustkalya evem Suchna Vigyan-3  Author: SHARMA,BK
Pustkalya ka Mahatave  Author: PATHAK,P
Pustkalya ke Sidhant  Author: PATHAK,P
Pustkalya Parbandh  Author: SINGH,RK
Pustkalya Suchikaran  Author: SRIVASTAVA,AK
Pustkalya Suchna Vigyan evem Suchna Prodhogiki 2 vol. set  Author: SHARMA,BK
Pustkalya Vargikaran  Author: SRIVASTAVA,AK
Pustkalya Vigyan ke Siddhant  Author: UPADHYAYA,JL
Pustkalye evem Suchna Vigyan-1  Author: SHARMA,VK
Ranganathan Multifaced Personality  Author: KUMAR
Reference Services in Librarie  Author: TOMAR,NS
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