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World book day 23 April : Various types of books: Amazing books

1.Coffee Stains” is a book extolling the “health benefits” of coffee drinking in drawings made with coffee washes. Mistakenly dipping a brush in her ever-present cup, Martha Hayden found that coffee washes are rich and beautiful. She began to make them on purpose, experimenting with different strengths, with or without milk. the book has 22 accordion folded sheets, 8 x 5, digitally printed on both sides (44 pages), augmented by washes of coffee.It is formed of acid free cover weight stock, manufactured from 100% post-consumer paper and coffee content. Coffee skins from the mountains of El Salvador are used to color the paper. Agricultural by-products and post consumer paper create solid waste problems. Costa Rica Natural Paper donates a percentage of paper sales to support a scholarship fund to study sustainable development.
The cover is Lokta paper made in mountainous villages in Nepal. Lotka bushes regenerate from the same root system after being harvested. The paper is tree-free, acid free, environmentally sound and benefits villages in remote areas of the Himalayas.

2.We are getting on the novel” is an eco friendly book .the first edition cover made by bearch seed paper .

3.Nile (Papers of River Muds) is a limited edition book printed by the Lapis Press, Los Angeles. It is usually displayed with its pages open for view next to its slipcase. The slipcase is made with grey hand-made paper with vellum-like edges, and the title ‘NILE | RICHARD LONG’ is printed centrally in red letterpress. The cover of the book is made with orange-brown, hand-made paper and has a spine also made from a vellum-like material. The name of the river ‘UMPQUA’ in Oregon, USA, is printed centrally in red capital letters. ‘RICHARD LONG’ is printed in red capital letters on the spine. The hand-bound pages of the book are made of heavy hand-made paper in various shades of brown, their edges left uncut, or ‘deckle-edged’, following the paper-making process. The names of several rivers from around the world are printed on separate pages in red.

4. Ernest Vincent Wright’s 1939 novel Gadsby is over 50,000 words long, yet doesn’t contain a single letter “e” anywhere other than the cover.

5.the national press of America published bible also on nikil plates. these plates are more thin then paper.

6.super book is heaviest book weight of the book is 256.2 kg .pages are 300.

7.Lage Haath is lightest book. weight is 0.34 owns .page 150.

8.TheGlorious Quran is one of the precious art-works of India. It is really an elaborated art-work. This elaborated copy contains 339 pages, of which 68 have been illuminated and decorated with painting, and the remaining pages have been decorated with a cloudy margin. The mentioned copy was dedicated to the Astan Quds Razavi by "Sultan Ibrahim Qutb Shah" in the month of Rabi Ul Awwal in 970 A.H. In addition to the excellent illumination applied in this copy, two golden and azure grounds can be seen in it. The brighter golden line contains a deeper golden ground around which (its letters) a black line has been so beautifully drawn that a few people can understand the reality of that art because of the delicacy and narrowness of the pen applied in it.
This completely translated Glorious Quran is a unique and matchless from the viewpoint of illumination art applied in decorating the copy. The commentary of "Kholasat Ul Minhaj" compiled by "Mulla Fathullah Kashani", has been written on the margin of the book.
From the view points of illumination art, delicacy, and carefulness, this copy is one of the most elaborated and precious translated manuscripts of the Glorious Quran secured in Manuscript Treasury of the library.

9.In Spain’s museum some books of 13th century. thier words are printed on lion’s skin.

10. Croatian designers Bruketa&Žinić have created a book that can only be identified in the dark. Manuscript Treasury of the library. When the lights are turned off, words glow on the cover and spine of the annual report for investment company Adris. Bruketa&Žinić previously designed a book that had to be baked before it could be read. .

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Thanks Ma'am,

Really these books are very nice, I will have some of them in my Personal Library.

I would like to recommend you a book, which has religious flavor of humanities, society, political image, truth, honor, respect, loyalty, devotion and much more.  This books is really a good book for those who want to implicate their-self as a good management master/guru, head/ team leader etc. They should read this book. The title of the book is MAHABHARAT.

Mahabharat. It is said that this book is complied for Hindus only, but it not true. Because a book never belongs to only a particular community. It's depends on readers, what they wish to read. So, please read this book not from community point of views but professional.

I wish you a all a very happy World Book Day.

thanks munesh ji

Dear Sri Munesh kumar.

Thanks for your comments about The Mahabharata, the great Epic.

Good books are not only restricted to any religion. Besides,they tend to spread in other languages & other religions, Many years ago a very young me avidly watched the play of Ramayana in Thailand performed by their local people. I also watched part of the Mahabharata in front of the Great Onkar Bhat (which is universally spelled as Angkor Wat) Temple at Cambodia of 1896!! The names of Thai, Indonesian People are mostly Indic names. and Lord Indra seated above the Garura is the national emblame of Thailand.

Thoughts of another Religious discourse are also available.

I have just now, in my hand one book named Hindu Catholic Engagement in Goa,

by Alexander Henn. [Hyderabad, Orient BlackSwan, 2014 (ISBN: 97881250-5055211)] There is one chapter which deals with Christian 'Puranas' and quest of Knowledge can not be restricted by Language or Religion. You know that the Mughal Emperors used to ask for writing Books on other religious aspects ( presumably to highlight their secular image) , and there are Mughlai Ramayana & Mughlai Nala-Damayanti Upakhyan. Of course the essence of the originals often used to be  compromised . Very recently, A Russian lady has  submitted her Doctoral Theses on the TEXTS  of such books. She had to learn both Sanskrit & Farsi to understand the points/issues of such deviations Since it is yet to come out as a formal book, I am not providing further details of it but I mentioned it to  let all know that to what extent a person can go to unearth the truth.

Lastly I convey thanks and regards to Ms. Sonial Gaur  for bringing the issue of World book & Copyright day


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Nice sharing siddhartha  sir.


Thanks Soniya Ji,

But I have just noticed that I have made a dangerous & hilarious mistake in my post!! The Ankor Wat experience was in the year 1986 when I had an opportunity to travel some Far East & South Asian Countries.But I erroneously mentioned the year as 1896!!

I apologise to all for this mistake.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta 


Thank you Sir (Shri. Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta)

The information provided by you is very informative and interesting as well.

really good sharing for librarians...

thank a lot ..


Thanks u very much mam to share valubale information among us. Thanks,, Amit

Thanks , keep it up

Each year, UNESCO and the international organizations representing the three major sectors of the book industry—

the International Publishers Association (IPA)

International Booksellers Federation (IBF) and the

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

select the World Book Capital for a one-year period, effective 23 April.

This initiative complements the celebration of World Book and Copyright Day, and represents a collaborative undertaking by key stakeholders in the publishing industry and cities to promote books and literacy.

Incheon is the 15th city to be designated World Book Capital 2015 following

Madrid (2001)

Alexandria (2002)

New Delhi (2003)

Antwerp (2004)

Montreal (2005)

Turin (2006)

Bogota (2007)

Amsterdam (2008)

Beirut (2009)

Ljubljana (2010)

Buenos Aires (2011)

Yerevan (2012)

Bangkok (2013) and

Port Harcourt (2014)

Source :


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