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Any one have the latest update about court proceeding on ugc net june 2012? If yes kindly share with me

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Kerala HC case  status

WPC 22797 /2012

Kerala HC case  status

WPC 22814 /2012

yes, i am also egarely waiting for this

KHC other writ petitions :

KHC other writ petitions :

In my experience a Case similar to SET exam in Kerala PSC , benefit of court order got only for petitioners .In the SET exam case after the verdict those who not get the benefit file a case but court rejected their petitions . 

The present KHC case aginst UGC is not PIL Type ,its a WPC case (Writ Petition Civil ).The court have the right to take decision for all affected candidates or for petitioners only.

But in another case Kerala HC One rank - One pension for military personal, the court give direction to all affected people.

Somebody asked will this hearing of UGC be for every one who appeared for ugc net 2012 june? or it will be for only those who filed a case against UGC ?

Whether its a PIL or WPC , the court have the supreme power to take a decision/direction /verdict for all or for petitioners only .We expect a verdict for all the affected candidates .

In my personal opinion its should be applicable to all affected candidates because all are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. So we are waiting for the verdict ,we have no other option.

(PIL-public interest litigation means litigation for the protection of the public interest. It is litigation introduced in a court of law, not by the aggrieved party but by the court itself or by any other private party. It is not necessary, for the exercise of the court’s jurisdiction, that the person who is the victim of the violation of his or her right should personally approach the court.)

pls check the status of Kerala HC in 


Hello All,

I can see victims of UGC unfair result, across states of India file a writ petitions in various courts but I don't see victims from Maharashtra coming together and filing writ or PIL against UGC...I am completely agree to the fact that it is not just a matter of one state but country as a whole but people have to com unite in Maharashtra too and form a group and decide next course of action...I am expecting this to happen in short span of time as we are really running short of time...let me know if such writ petition is already filed in Bombay High Court and I will do my level best to get victims united and stand against evil UGC..

I would appreciate the efforts of those who are fighting for justice and hope God (Court) will not disappoint all those who impacted or victims of UGC's unfair act.

All the best and Good Luck..

Many Thanks,
Shailendra K

Please anyone move to Supreme court against ugcnet result june 2012 and stay order from this result Like to WBSSC. pLEASE MOVE QUICK SUPREME COURT. WE ALLOF YOU. PLEASE ANY ONE MOVE SUPREME COURT.

hi professionals, 

Many complaints/queries  here that so much delay in Kerala High Court verdict . It is presumed that the enormous work load before the Court and the complicated procedures and especially the procedure prescribed under Civil Procedure Code, 1908 is the root cause for the delay.

The Union Government has notified the Civil Procedure Code (Amendment) Act, 2002 , fixing a time-limit of one year for the settlement of civil cases. The amended CPC now will make it possible for courts to dispose of civil suits expeditiously and benefit hundreds of thousands of litigants in getting quick justice. 

They will have to give their ruling within 60 days of the completion of hearing of a civil case. Most of the judicial delays take place during pre-trial and at the stage of hearing for various reasons.Here the hearing procedure are over.

We are at the end stage of this case .So please be patient and wait for a good result.



jomy jose 

kya kisi ko pta hai k UGC NET june 2012 ke regarding supreme court ne jo result sunaya hai, us petition ka no. kya hai ?? yeh news sahi hai ya fake hai.....??? plz tell ASAP

  • hiiiii

  • kya kisi ko pta hai k UGC NET june 2012 ke regarding supreme court ne jo result sunaya hai, us petition ka no. kya hai ?? yeh news sahi hai ya fake hai.....??? plz tell ASAP


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