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Hello friends

please give the questions and answers of paper 1.

1.  According tor B. R. Ambedkar which of the following Fundamental rights is Heart and Soul of consti.

Ans. Constitutional remedies

2.Chlorofloro carbons are related to

Ans. Gases from AC and Refrigerators

3. Non-renewable energy source

Ans. Salt

4. TRP stands for

Ans. Television ratings Points

5. DAVP stands for

Ans. Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity

6. Where is the MC College of Mass Communication? 

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Indian Institute of Advanced Study 

Ans :Shimla

thanks dear Chetna

please put some more questions

S&P Waves are related to:


Eye irritation is caused by....

Eye irritatation is caused by......ans sulfur dy oxide

3 . questions is non renewable energy source salt is a wrong answer bz its not energy source,how salt can become energy source??pr non renewable energy source?  i thought the answer is fresh air bz it cant renewable

I also agree with fresh air

the question was the source which cannot be renewed. so salt cannot be renewed and all other three options can be renewed. please remember the question than put your views

MC College of Mass Communication

Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Vishwavidyalaya Bhopal

All India Radio renamed in 1936

it was not renewable energy source but non renewable natural resource .I think its salt.

 According tor B. R. Ambedkar which of the followingFundamental rights is Heart and Soul of consti. Ans- Article 32


District Collector system was established by:

Warren Hastings


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