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The presence of Indian Libraries on Social media for marketing services and resources.

 Dear Professionals

How many Indian Libraries are using social media : Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp etc for promotion and marketing of Library resources and services.

If librarians are not in position to make the seprate website for the library, then they can use the free marketing channels of social media.

The user engagement is very important else libraries will lose all their goodwill and become the storehouses again like ancient period. 

Various search engines, pirate sites are providing plenty of resources ebooks like libgen, the libraries have pressing need to make their presence over social media and engage larger population of user community. 

If it is not done then demand for lis profession will experiance huge decline. 

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Dear Professionals,

We have introduced a new way to attract students in accessing Digital Library services in Tamilnadu colleges.

Hope we all know about the popular website (The best answer to any question). 

There are about 7 million questions in Quora as of now.  The Colleges used to collect lot of useful / inspirational / academic relevant questions (not answers), organize and feed them in to DSpace.Institutional Repository

DSpace will have the following informations about Quora

1. Questions (as Title)

2. Link to the Question (a custom metadata in DSpace to display the link)


Title: What are the most effective and proven time management techniques?


Title: What are the most interesting facts you know?


In colleges, the authorized DSpace collection administrators (there will be atleast one faculty member from each department) who will find interesting questions from Quora and feed them into DSpace.

This has created a lot of interest in colleges to attract students in using Digital Library services.

I will create a short video on this and post in the forum soon.

S. Baskar

LinuXpert Systems, Chennai

That is great, sir. I think most of people know about quora.

I got the information from Indialibraries whatsgroup and their blog at  


I have a different opinion, if a library can facilitate social media support to their users then the same can have its own library and closed group also.

Please tell me something more with example on browser pirate sites.

Thank you.


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