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Seeking Expertise in Integrating LMS with DSpace for Seamless User Experience

Dear LISLINKS Community,

I hope this message finds you well.

We are currently exploring ways to enhance the user experience of our Learning Management System (LMS), specifically Moodle, by integrating it seamlessly with DSpace. The goal is to provide our users with a unified and uninterrupted experience, allowing them to access DSpace resources and functionalities without leaving the LMS environment.

We believe that many of you possess in-depth knowledge and experience in this domain, and we kindly request you to share your insights, strategies, and best practices for achieving this integration effectively. Your guidance could greatly contribute to our efforts in creating a more efficient and user-friendly learning ecosystem. Whether you have successfully implemented a similar integration, have technical expertise in LMS-DSpace integration, or simply have valuable insights to offer, we would greatly appreciate your input.

Your contributions can help us navigate the challenges and opportunities of this integration process. Please reply to this message. 

We look forward to your valuable insights.

Best regards,

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