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Rare Documents in Engineering College Libraries for NAAC

NAAC have asked the details of collection of rare books, manuscripts and special reports. In engineering college libraries what type of collection should be considered for it?

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It may be antique books published before 19th century. pl find following link a collection of antique/rare books.


Thanks Sir.

Rare books may include books which are out of print, very costly or that is distinguished by its early printing date, its limited issue, the special character of the edition or binding, or its historical interest.
Manuscripts may include written documents in your library rather than typed or printed (those may not have been published ever) eg. may include letters of Gandhi, Nehru, British rulers etc.
Special reports may include reports of several commissions, committees constituted by Govt. to study several aspects from time to time.

Engineering college libraries may possess rare books but not manuscripts and special reports.  What we should do for it?

It's not true that engg. college libraries may not contain manuscripts and special reports. An engg library may contain this type of books, manuscripts and special reports in its reference or general reading section.

Dear Ms. Ambika C.A.

Newly started Institutions generally do not have "Rare Books" or similar materials unless they collect it purposively through Purchase or through Donation. As I believe, the NAAC team understands it pretty well.

Purchasing such rare materials without definite reasons just to show the NAAC  team may lead to unnecessary questions explaining justifications. The best way is to keep all your materials well organized and have system for online access to all the resources. Try to maintain statistics & NEAT records of all transactions; be they the  Billing/accounts. If the team is convinced that you maintain the records properly and they are easily accessible and the Library is actively used my the students & faculties, most of your problems will be solved. Next is YOUR OWN INNOVATIVE IDEAS for Extended activities of the Library. Having a collection of old question papers in soft copies may be a good idea ; for an instance.


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta

Thanks Sir!

In india every thing has its proper formate rare documents are available in historical related subject everybody now that but they send the letter to every library. Librarian give the answer that no rare document is found in any engineering library.

Dear Ms. Surbhi Saini,

Thanks for your post. You are absolutely correct in defining the NACC's "Proforma" type inquiry statement where several items are not applicable to all institutes. the issue of Rare Books is one such item. However, admittedly, it is not practicable for NAAC authority to tailor-made queries for individual institutions and that is why they prepare a sort of "generalized" proforma  where the institutions can reply to the criteria applicable to them only.

On a different note, I would like to add that Engineering Libraries too can have rare books. I am naming two libraries for instance where a fairly large number of rare books are available; one is the IIEST (Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology) at Sibpur, on the other side of the river Ganges from Calcutta. It was established as Calcutta Civil Engineering College in 1856 and the other is Harcourt Butler Technological University at Kanpur, U.P. established in 1920. Since they are very old Engineering Institutions, they have quite a considerable number of  historically important rare books.

I would like add here that my intention is not to contradict your point/statement but to highlight the issue on the perspective of my earlier post about Newly established Institutions, that's all!


Siddhartha S. Ray, Calcutta


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