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Number of Volumes & Titles: How to make a report of Library Stock?

Dear Professionals,

I would like to ask a question created in my mind related to 

Number of Volumes & Titles:How to make a report of Library Stock ?



In my knowledge If  the Library have one Accession Register then the last Accession Number in the Accession Resister is the Number of Volumes available in Our Library Stock.

If  the Library have more than one Accession Register then the Sum of all last Accession Numbers is the Number of Volumes available in Our Library Stock.


If Any Suggestion most Welcome plesae ............




Title ??????

I have created some problem about the number of Titles............

Where Author/Publisher/Edition/Year is different of a specific Title,then how we will count  the number of Titles available in Our Library Stock ?


how should be counted them ?

count as one Title?


count as separate Titles?



Please Reply................I am waiting ur replies


With best Regards,



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Pls count as separate titles. If any changes in author, publisher, publishing year that will become a new title.




yes agree with
NK Manoj

A lots of thanks to all of you for participated in my discussion...........and reply with an satisfactory Answers


There are options in the Automated Library Software for search Titles in a Digital library.


in a Manual Library How we count Number of Titles ?

Is there any easy methods for make a report of the Number of Titles  available in library stock...............???


Collect all your Books Bills .Count the titles. match all bills to avoid duplicacy by this way you can do with some comfort.



>with one title with different author consider as different title only

>with one title with same author with different edition consider as different title only

>one easy method is if the ISBN NO is different with other title then it must be different title only


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