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Koha Cataloging: Field 040: Transcribing Agency

What should we enter in the field 040 (Transcribing Agency) in Koha cataloging version 17.05

What is RLIN?

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040 MARC field is for storing the Cataloguing Source information means from where we are going to take bibliographic information for cataloguing purpose.
This MARC field usually contains the information of Organization(s) that actually created the original record, or transcribed the record into Machine Readable Form or modified an existing record.
It has following sub-fields:
(1) $a – for Original Cataloguing Agency
It contains the name of the Agency or Organization that originally created the record.
Ex.: If a record originally created by National Library of India, then it will be:
040 ##$aNLI
If a University Library created the record, then:
040 ##$aJiwaji Univ Lib
(2) $b – for Language of Cataloguing
it contains the language in which the original record is created.
Ex.: If a record is created in English,then:
040 ##$beng
In French, then
040 ##$bfre
(3) $c – for Transcribing Agency
It contains the name of the Organization or Agency which transcribed the record into machine-readable form.
Ex.: If a catalogue of Yale University is transcribed by Jiwaji university in english language, then:
040 ##$aYale Univ Lib$beng$cJiwaji Uni Lib
(4) $d – for Modifying Agency
It contains the name of the Organization or Agency responcible for modification of a record.
(5) $e – for Description Conventions
It contains the cataloguing rules or guidelines you are using for describing bibliographic resources. Some of the pre-defined source codes are available on the Libary of Congress website with code structure and their arrangements.
for Anglo-Americal Cataloguing rules, 040 ##$eaacr
for ISBD 040 ##$eisbd
for locally defined rules 040 ##$elocal

In Koha 17.05, 040$c tag is Mandatory and you simplly have to put the name of transcribing organization.

And if you can not edit the several fields, means a lock symbol appears into them. So, to enable editing, go to Administration -> Global System Preference and search for "BiblioAddsAuthorities" and Allow it and save.
Now you can edit those records.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the detailed information.  Can we enter our institution name in Transcribing Agency field.

Yes, you can enter your Institution name in that field.


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