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Dear friends,

Find herewith the Facts about” Information Network System”


  1. OCLC is the biggest network system in the world.
  2. OCLC stand for Online Computer Library Centre.
  3. Earlier name of OCLC was Ohio College Library Centre.
  4. University Library Network in India is known as INFLIBNET.
  5. INFLIBNET  was initiated by UGC
  6. INFLIBNET stands for Information and Library Network.
  7. INFLIBNET was set up in 1988.
  8. The head quarter of INFLIBNET is Ahmadabad  .
  9. The full form of DELNET is Developing  Library Network.
  10. The earlier name of DELNET was Delhi Library Network.
  11. DELNET is Regional Area Network.
  12. DELNET was developed in the year 1992.
  13. DELNET adopts AACR-II code of cataloguing.
  14. NICNET is the programme of India.
  15. NICNET was started in 1977.
  16. NICNET project is sponsored in India by Planning commission, Govt. of India.
  17. NICNET is not primarily for academic purposes.
  18. “GISTNIC “is a part of NICNET
  19. The full form of ERNET is Education and Research Network
  20. ERNET was started in 1986.
  21. ERNET project in India was launched by Department of Electronics
  22. The full form of JANET is Joint Academic Network (UK)
  23. WLN stands for Washington Library Network.
  24. INIS stands for Information Network in Nuclear Science and Technology.
  25. Indian input centre for the INIS is situated at BARC.
  26. INIS is the first decentralized Information system at the international level.
  27. BLAISE is an Information system established in UK.
  28. RLIN- Research Libraries and Integrated Network.
  29. SIRNET- Scientific and Industrial Research Network.


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thanks a lot mam..........

this information is very useful for NET aspirants.....

Akka, Thanks a lot for useful information...


Mala  Mam,

                  thanks a lot for this useful information.


INFLIBNET is a major National Programme initiated by the UGC in 1991 with its Head Quarters at [Gandhinagar], . Initially started as a project under the IUCAA, it became an independent Inter-University Centre in 1996.

Thank you very much for your valuable information....

I think, Mala A is a active member of Lis Link.she always post  good thing and beneficial for library professionals , good keep it up

R. K. Sinha

Thank you sir ....

Dear Madam

I have a few observations,

I feel you have split one point into several.  For ex. point 1,2 & 3 can be combined as -

1. OCLC is the biggest network system in the world. It stands for Online Computer Library Centre. Earlier it was known as Ohio College Library Centre.

Why unnecessarily split into 3 different points? Coherently (together) they appear meaningful, disjointed they appear insignificant facts

Likewise 5,6,7 & 8.

Same is the case with DELNET, NICNET, SIRNET etc. 

I make this observation not to demean your efforts but to help add value to the same.




Very nice Mam, Thanks for sharing.


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