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Does e-granthalaya software requires cost of Rs. 42,000 to install it or it is free of cost as it is an open source software.

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In my knowledge E-Granthalaya software is not an Open Source Software, however it is free.

NIC provide all kinds of support to this software right from Installation. Kindly approach them.

If any individual take the responsibility of installation of the software, then he/she may charge a nominal charge to cover his traveling expenses to your institute and a small remuneration to cover his hospitality and others. However I think Rs. 42,000 is quite a big amount.

Which Open Source license use by E-Granthalaya?

The software is totally free. However, the database i.e. MS SQL is to be installed before u install e-granthalya. And if you purchase MSSQL full version that is paid but if you use demo version of SQL then it will cost you nothing. Demo version can store data upto 2 gb.

E-Granthalya software is quite fee by NIC. You can get this software by sending a letter to the NIC. They will send you E-Granthalya by post. Your letter should be attested by your institution. For installation E-Granthalya, your computer should have internet connection. If you have any problem to install, can call NIC.

for more details 

pl. see

Sir, It is absolutely free of cost, please visit their website and become a member of the forum. 


Dear Subha
e-granthalaya is free

but not the assessory  software..

but Rs. 42000 is not justified

ask the vendor in details of the cost

Its totally free. You can Download software as well as mssql also  from NiC  website.

http:// its user free  we are using for a last five years.Contact to NIC branch.or send mail to via .

how to install sql 

Read this blog to learn how to properly install MySQL on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu by employing uncomplicated and straightforward procedures. 

Install and Set Up MySQL on Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu

It is free and easy to install.

E-granthalya 3.0 is free and it also working offline but you need to pay annual charge for e-granthalya 4.0 


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