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Difference between Library Assistant & Assistant Librarian

Can anybody tell me the difference between library assistant & assistant librarian.

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hello mam,

Assistant Librarian

The Assistant Librarian work under the supervision of a Librarian provides a wide
variety of work/services and administrative support. The Assistant librarian is responsible to the Librarian.
Job Description:
i. To check-in, check-out and circulation of library materials.
ii. Perform patron registration and transaction activities.
iii. Process new books, maintain circulation records and make reserves on requested
iv. Manage library data and reports utilizing library software systems.
v. Maintain library materials including bibliographic and other library files.
vi. Train and supervise library clerks and assistants in their job duties.
vii. Assist staff in classification, cataloging, preparing, and organizing library
materials according to established policies.
viii. Assist readers in finding books and help students and faculties in research
problems and reference questions.
ix. Maintain the library in the absence of the Librarian or in-charge of library.
x. Address administrative issues like colleting fines and managing reservations.
xi. Arrange to maintain library clean, safe and organized.
xii. Conduct library promotional activities and prepare press releases and newsletters
to attract more readers.
xiii. Organize book talks, tours, multimedia programs, exhibition and displays.
xiv. Edit bibliographic record to add or remove items according to current library
xv. Perform the library work as assigned by the librarian at time to time.

2.1.3. Library Assistant
The Library Assistant is responsible to the Librarian/ In-charge of Library.
Job Description
i. To work under overall supervision of the Librarian.
ii. Cataloguing and indexing of books and periodicals.
iii. Assist the Librarian in supervision and administration of Library.
iv. Keep the books, ready for circulation (if closed access).
v. Assist the users towards effective utilization of Library services.
vi. An arrangement for the maintenance and repair of books, periodicals and other related
equipment in the Library.
vii. Arrangement of non-book materials.
viii. Assisting the Librarian in book selection and acquisition.
ix. Managing special assignments/tasks as entrusted by the Librarian.
x. Circulation (Issuing and receiving) of books and learning materials.
xi. Maintenance of the library registers (Accession/periodical) and other statistical
xii. Shelving and rectification of library collection on day to day basis according to the
system of the library.
xiii. Any other library works allotted by the librarian.
The pay scale fixed for librarian in Government organizations is as follows:

• Assistant Librarian: Rs. 15600-39100 with a Gross pay of Rs. 6000

• Library Assistant: Rs. 9300-34800 with a GP of Rs. 4200

• Junior Library Assistant: Rs. 5200-20200 plus a GP of Rs. 2400

• Deputy Librarian: Rs. 15600-39100 with a Gross pay of Rs. 8000

Good infor Ma'am.Thanks! 

Dear Madma,

Kindly cite the source of the information furnished hereby you.

Thank you.

Superb useful information.

Thank you so much mam for detailed information to understand about it.

Dear Madam,

Simply you can make out the difference between both, is Library Assistant comes in Third level of management and Assistant Librarian comes in Second level of management. Please note, there is no any fixes line between top level management and middle level management. Assistant Librarian also assists their colleges in the bottom level of management to complete their task.

Thank you.

Thank you sir


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